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07 September 2010

Kouse's Sanctum's Treasury

Kouse Singh of Kouse's Sanctum is a darling. She always appears to take everything with a smile. Not that other shopowners don't (I have spoken to several who are as delightful too), it's just that I didn't bother them as much as I did Kouse. :p And I had been bothering and bothering her, partly cos I needed help with one of my purchases and partly cos I've been redeeming endless giftcards that came from obssessing after her Treasury like a madwoman. I was so embarassed by my redeem quantity that I used my alts to do so. Yeah, that... bad.

I was kinda a little sad when she announced last week that she was retiring the Treasury (think it got taken off yesterday), though I am not missing the opportunity for more free gowns as much as for the friends I made in that corner while we surrounded the one pixel box and bumped our pixel heads together.

It was how I met Karen and several other friends. Without Kouse's Sanctum, I wouldn't have my buddy/roomie (who turned me into a cube literally today but that's another story) today.

Thank you Kouse, from the bottom of my heart. We have certainly given you a lot of work to do with the Treasury. And as Karen said, you are perhaps getting rained all over with coins and hearts this week, which means more work for you. But know that your wonderful wonderful efforts are paying off probably more than you intended it to. On top of making people happy with the beautiful gowns (free!) that you have already spent so much time and mind working on, you are also helping people find friends and different sorts of happiness in SL.

As your Treasury comes to a close, please accept my thanks once more.

This isn't Karen and me, by the way. It's me (Vivienne) and me going crazy at the Treasury all by myself... and myself.

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