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24 October 2010

Samanthe's and Mrunal's Wedding

The nervous bride waited in the dressing room while a group of us tried to calm her down.

Bridesmaid Sariel standing guard.

The nervous-looking guys.

Radar the Minister, looking cool.

I logged Vivienne in and we sandwiched Lenny. Because I am a joker.

The bride (and her grey blob of flowers) walking in.

Looking so sweet. :)

Bridesmaid Millz was enthusiastically throwing confetti throughout.

*bling* Rings exchanged.

Radar looking puzzledly at the rings?

Pretty bride! :D (with a golden orb for a crown thanks to my superb photograhy)

Now they looked lost. *lol*

And the party started!

Lotsa love.

And then erm, the bride set fire to the ballroom. No kidding.

Happy ending. :D

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