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04 October 2010

Updates (I need to attend a course on "How to Give Your Blog Post an Interesting Title")

Nevertheless, the weekend has been pretty good in both RL and SL. You know how there is that group of very decent, lovely, peaceful and considerate people, but who should not be put together because they will somehow end up like a portable marketplace? Someone put them together for the weekend and unleashed them onto me. It's been a while since I have gotten a headache that way. :)

Well, so, anyway, I don't know how I did it, but in spite of the lesser time I could spend in SL, I managed to accomplish a few things over the weekend. I even had time to bug Sashia throughout, just to have something to do. She was totally gracious and even seemed to enjoy my babbling, but I must have appeared like... let's forget it and talk about something else. :p

Here's an updated pic of my home. :D

The 3rd storey of the house was made by me, after Karen dropped me some magical rules about building. *beams with pride* The windows were ripped (legally) from a skybox though.

And the statue-looking figure up there is not a statue. It is me, as I sat looking out at the vast blue zen-like sky and explored the amazing art of SL building. It was therapeutic.

Until I saw what I made.

I swear it isn't as bad as it looks.

If you don't believe me, drop me an IM or leave a comment in this post with your SL name. I'll send one to you so that you can see it for yourself. (It's really my slysincere way of finding out who's reading my blog. :p)

And in case the greyness blobs everything out for you the way it did for me, I am obliged to explain that it is a 23-prim 2-storey skybox 20*20*10. It will need some texturing, which is not a problem since I set it to be modifiable. Or I could rummage my inventory to see if I can find any textures you like. I can even make a hole for a door if you want. But I don't know how to make a door yet, I can only make the hole. Anyway, IM me or comment ok? We can discuss. :D

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