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06 October 2010

Sick and Building... Wow, I make so much sense.

I am trying to ignore the irritation in my throat as I look drowsily (thanks to medication) at the 2545 tasks that I need to clear, like right now. :( At least the fever's down and the ache feels better. RL? Yes, I have one. :p Btw, does throat irritation cause hiccups? Or is it just me?

Fever and brain-talk doesn't mix well, so I'll spare you and not say much today. And maybe the next few days.

I'll just show you my new masterpiecehumble construction.

I took my ugly grey blob of a skybox and improved it to this 67-prim 4-storey glass building 20*20*20. It has 4 rooms (one in each storey) and rooftop access. Still no doors though, I'll need to learn how to make some soon. I am sure I will do better in future.

And if you want it, just holler and it's yours. :)

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