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12 October 2010

Sometimes you just cannot run away.

I have been ill on and off for the past few years (yes, I know what the problem is and no, it's not terminal), but it seems like RL is not relenting and it's hectic craze is persistent despite my efforts to tone it down.

As I write now, I am at work chasing up at least 7 deadlines that are due this week, armed with a week-old throat infection that got worse during the weekend because I overstrained myself by attending an obligated company event that they called "fun" and I called "rowdy". To their credit the occasion was well-organised and very entertaining, but I would really prefer curling up at home with the dog and eating a simple meal of hot porridge. And maybe go stalk someone in SL.

I managed to get 3 hours' sleep last night and none the night before, because I started coughing like a idonnowhat the moment I lie down. Of course I am also coughing vertical but that's much more manageable. It's totally fun trying to generate my favourite reports with my current state of mind.

As I rant to this point, I have to clarify that I am not complaining. I am just saying that I feel so tired. More things in my life will need to give, so that I can squeeze in just a little more rest. Hopefully.

And one of the "more things" that I have decided to go easy on is this blog. Sorry my dear readers (if I have any, well yes, 2. :p), I need the break. I won't be updating so frequently anymore, but I will come back at a whim or two. Or a dozen.

I will still be in SL as much as I am free and not able to sleep, it gives me the quiet that I need. Because I usually switch off the speakers.

*p.s. If you love my blog, don't worry because I have many whims. I just don't want to have to worry about it as I go along.

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RedIce Cioc said...

Free feel to take a rest and come back when you are ready.

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