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15 February 2011

My Valentine's Day

I usually like to keep personal things private, but that does not mean that I do not talk about my personal life at all. I am sooo going to talk about my v-day.

Because I am sooo damn pissed.

On v-day's eve, I meant to crash early because I had to juggle a shitload of delayed tasks and a full-day meeting at work on v-day itself. I was cheerfully resigned to the fact that my special someone is not in Singapore and actually feeling quite relieved because it helped that I did not need to put in a date for the day's activities. (And my special someone is sweet to me all year round, I don't really miss him for v-day. :p)

Coming 11+pm, there was shouting in my brother's room. My brother and his gf fight all the time, so I wasn't too concerned. At least not till they brought their fight out into the family room, waking up my parents and then tried to pull everyone into their fight (to take sides!). Yes, very mature. We are looking at 2 adults who are both in their 30s.

My mum and I had to take turns to referee each party separately. My dad sat between both groups, holding onto the dog who was forever trying but failing to get the gf's affection because she was afraid of animals.

The dog always make everything look comical.

I managed to persuade my brother to cool off before he spoke to her again, and thankfully he came up with a brilliant idea to do that outdoors. So he went, and she joined him when she calmed down enough. The saga ended at about 1am, but we were all too hyped-up to go to sleep by then.

My mum was upset, so my dog turned his affection to her. It made me feel like shouting at that couple. "Look! A dog is more considerate than you!!"

So anyway, we were all unable to sleep that night. My mum is a typical worrier mum, and she spent the night worrying her head off. The brother and the gf came back and went off. That was like, 3am? They were cool but they did not make up till later.

Because I could not sleep, I acquired a headache for the day and had to take a half-day off from work. When I was dozing, my mum snuck out to the gf's home to peep around to make sure that my brother was there and did not go off on his own to get drunk or do anything silly. Because he was "known" for that sort of thing. And she did not tell me about it until she came back. She knew I would not have approved.

Seriously, man. Happy Valentine's Day.

I had to go to work and could not be bothered with that couple anymore. So guess what?

I spent the rest of the day with a headache that THEY had caused and repairing the damage that THEY had done to my day.

THEY spent theirs eating a nice v-day dinner in a cute restaurant full of pink balloons, took a photo of the gf holding a silly balloon and posted the pic on his fb.

Lovely. WTF.

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