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21 February 2011

Ok, here we go...

I came unprepared and I am going to just post whatever pops into my mind.

My SL for the past week was pretty quiet except for a couple of good laughs. One of them was a frenzy that happened last night when we brought in 3 new members into our Eturnal Night family all at the same time, in the same place. Just before sleepy-me was about to crash.

Gotta admire Sashia, I don't know how she did it, juggling that messy situation so well. Not only did she manage everything with great presence of mind, she saved me from learning French. (Oh, I don't mind learning French, it's just not exactly possible within 2 minutes.) Long story, really. :p

Welcome to Eturnal Night, and our confused blogger hopes you enjoy our family as much as I do.

It was a good time for sorting inventory. I mean when it was quiet, not last night. I have gone back down to 9+k. :D

I miss Karen. :(

My writing is so messed up today that maybe I should just shut up.

*note to self - Figuring out the google translator goes on my to-do list.

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