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17 February 2011

Life in Singapore...

Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year, which is also the Chinese Valentine's day. I am having a date with my best bud R after work, but we didn't realise what the day is when we planned it. :)

Yes, R is single. And very available. And prettier than me. No joke. Any interested guys? :D We are trying so hard to "market" her but she's shy. :p

I work in an all-female dept, so one would think that it gets all girly and romantic in here for our cultural Valentine's day.

But it seems my girls prefer lottery. :p

SO: Dear Everyone, here's the number L has drawn for us : X, X, X, X, X, X, X. Going to buy System 7, ie, 7 numbers - $3.50. Wish everyone the best of luck!!!

R: Huat ah!!!

SM: Huat Ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

SO: HAHA!!!! The "Huat ah" is getting bigger....
HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: need to like that or not?
HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO: Hahahahaha!!! Tashi, very funny.

L: Hahahaha...

Me: *muttering to myself* If I can't beat them, I join them...

R: How about colouring it in red?

* "Huat" is Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) for getting rich.
* "Need to like that or not" is the Singlish way of saying "Are you sure you/we want to be like that?"
* Red is the standard auspicious colour in the Chinese culture.
* The lottery we are buying is called "Toto". "System 7" is a erm, system of 7 sets of numbers. Nope, I am not telling you what numbers we are buying. I am superstitious. :p

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