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10 August 2010

Cranky. And SSM2.

Ok, so I am done with my long National Day weekend. August is a busy busy month for me and I'll be quite tied up for the rest of the month unless I cheat. The last weekend was my only free one for the month and I'd pretty much exploited it with furniture shopping instead of tidying up this blog. So you'll be tortured with outdated posts for the rest of the month. :/

Over the weekend, some idiot materialised in my room while I was sorting new furniture.

SSM2: Hi

Me: yes?

SSM2: :-) Are you alone?

Me: yeah...?

SSM2: I am looking for sex. How can I get some?

Me: aren't you supposed to be next door?
(Cos really I had just login and did my usual environment scan and saw him hanging around the neighbour's. I swear I wasn't peeping at my neighbour having a threesome. :p)

SSM2: I decided to visit you.

Me: well, that is a shock. would have appreciated if you gave me a warning or asked my permission first.

SSM2: Lol, I'll give you a warning next time.

Me: *rolled my RL eyes and rezzed furniture all over the room*

SSM2: I decided to visit you.

Me: for what? Sex? no thank you.
*kept all furniture, including themy chair that he was sitting on without invitation*

Me: now you have your answer, you can go back.
*walked out of my room to try out the furniture in the lounge*

I would have ejected him if I had the permission rights. Snubbing him was a little fun but it was not enough to sooth all my irritation because it happened right in my home, my bedroom.

I agree that SL space need not be as personal as RL space, but we did bloody pay for that space and furniture - not to have someone intrude with such rudeness. Karen is now thinking of setting up a security orb and I was quite hoping that it wouldn't come to that. I don't mind if a stranger comes in with courtesy, I am open to new (and respectful) people. But I am not so sure now, maybe our space needs that protection.

Just a day before this, a noob walked past me when I was working stuff on the porch. And he suddenly turned around and opened my front door and walked into the house without saying a word to me. He was fast, he went upstairs into my room, out the balcony and was about to enter Karen's room before I managed to waylay him. I told him he shouldn't enter my house without greeting me first. He apologised and poofed. At least he wasn't offensive in interaction and I was more amused than irritated because I could give him benefit of doubt. It was still not nice of him.

And to avoid any misunderstanding, it turned out that the neighbour did not know SSM2 and was open to any kicking and banning that might have ensued. (I had to check, because Dro was going to have to help me take out SSM2, friend or no friend. I was rather relieved that there would be no love lost between them. :p) It was good that SSM2 left pretty fast.

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