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24 August 2010

Should we give Emerald another chance? Now?

I had actually prepared another post to put up for today, but I can't ignore the news. :p

When I first came to SL, it would appear that the whole SL world was praising the Emerald Viewer to the skies and kinda dissing SL Viewer 2, which is the only Viewer a SL newbie would know. I was contented with Viewer 2 though, and I did not make the switch till the day my Viewer 2 simply refused to work.

I found the Emerald setup more informative but messier than Viewer 2. I ran between both viewers for a while before getting used to Emerald. After a few weeks (which was really recently), I finally went total Emerald because it allows me to login 2 AVs at one time on the same computer.

Anyway, that's my brief story with the Emerald Viewer - the SL world was promoting it to the skies, and just when I had learned to accept and like it, the SL world moves on to tell me that it is wrong to do so now. It's so totally my kind of luck. *faints*

It also never fails to amaze me how instantly one can fall.

Yes, the Emerald team had committed a lapse. (Won't talk about the story, it's already all over the net.) And it should take responsibility for it's so-called ignorance that had resulted in the so-called prankster getting past them without their detection. But my question is, is it unforgivable? And to the point of forever distrust?

Or did the team even condone it with knowledge, as some are speculating?

I really don't know. Only the Emerald team knows how genuine their claims are. And because I am not a mind-reader, I can't judge.

And I don't even know if I should continue using Emerald. (Yeah, my opinions are not always helpful.) I am actually both willing to leave Emerald, or to give them a chance to try again as they had promised. I have plenty of arguments from both sides, but I'll spare you my confusion. But someone/anyone, tell me what you think???

What I do know, is that if I decide to leave Emerald, I will still wish them well and hope that they do not give up with the Viewer but make a comeback after a good cleanhouse. They have contributed much to SL fun with their work, which should not be discredited as much as their lapse should not be easily dismissed like it had never happened.

Posted by Tashi Core


RedIce Cioc said...

I only start using Emerald last month when my friend recommended me after I keep having computer problem. Emerald didnt solve my problem (I forsee that) but I did use it sometimes.

Guess I am staying with the old viewer (the viewer before viewer 2.0)most of the time till Emerald clear up.

Anonymous said...

As luck would have it, I needed to reformat my drive a few days ago. I was about to reinstall Emerald when I read about this mess. I had planned to reinstall today, after reading a Modular Systems blog saying that users need not fear using Emerald, and that SL would not ban or disallow users from logging on to SL with Emerald. However, I got an email from the lindens telling me that disabling logins was a real possibility, and advising me not to use Emerald, for now. Without commenting on the problems Modular has caused per se, I can only tell you that I won't be using Emerald until it is once again on the list of approved viewers as provided by the Lindens. And that is a shame, because I LOVE Emerald. Just goes to show what a few assholes can do to spoil a very good thing. Too bad.

Tashi Core said...

Yeah, I uninstalled Emerald this morning and I shall wait till they get approved by Lindens again. Sighs.

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