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02 August 2010

Potential News

I work in a rather established local hospital in RL. (No, I am not a medical staff. My division deals with PR and the like.) Last week, one of our directors mentioned that we are looking into SL as a potential social media platform for the company.

That came as a shock to me.

It isn't that I mind letting my work become a part of my entertainment. In fact, I think this part will turn out kinda exciting.

It is just that I barely meet any Asians in SL, and I have not met a single Singaporean yet. So I wonder what my company will be targeting for if they decide to enter SL, or if they already know the clientele base of SL.

That said, I might have missed out on some marketing foresight that my management has. So if my hospital does enter SL, I'll be pleased to go along with the plan. (Does that mean I get to play SL at work? ":D)

I suppose I could show my support by sending Vivienne over to donate some blood. :p

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