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03 August 2010

I am falling behind with my posts.

Not that I am not posting, but I am not organising my material well enough to keep the posts updated in time.

So this happened more than a week ago but I only managed to bring it up today.

Dro took me dancing at the Pookie Club, an "adult" club that he works in. It's a nice place when it is quiet. :p Indeed, Dro is a big-time flirt. But he isn't offensive and can be fun to hang out with. He also took me to a beautiful nude beach nearby, which I didn't use. *grins*

But back to topic, I was saying that my posts are becoming wayyy outdated by the time I can get them up. At the rate I am going, my past weekend's adventures will only be posted next week or after. I've got to reorganise my material but I have no time to do it soon because the new House and Garden hunt takes priority.

And that's another news. Karen has indulged me with another room to play with in our home. :D Because I take my new job very seriously, I am doing the hunt. (I had decided after the last hunt that I don't wanna hunt anymore because I really suck at it when there were no other hunters around for me to stalk. :() I've been toying around with a few themes, but I want to see what I can get from this hunt before I decide.

You must be so fascinated by my writing now. *yawns*

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