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25 August 2010

I found a Singaporean! (a few weeks ago...)

I should've put up a Singaporean flag in this pic.

Not that I have one.

Or that the flag would mean anything to the pic. Redice and I were just hanging out on my roof.

But if you've been following up with my blog (though I only know that I've got 2 readers for sure and Redice is already one of them. And hey, I'll like to know who the rest of you are too!... If there is anyone else. :D), you may notice that I have gotten my first (and only) official blog follower! For a few weeks already! :p And her name is... Redice! (Oh, did I already mention her name?) And she's a Singaporean!

Oh, I met her after I complainedmentioned that I have yet to meet a single Singaporean in SL in my post on 2 Aug. (Yeah, my current posts are this much outdated.) (Go click my archive to get the post, I am lazya little too busy at the moment to link up.) She IM-ed me the next day and we befriended. And she's a really nice and sweet girl, so I hope I don't jinx her too much. Her SL has already started having problems before she even started talking to me. :/

It feels kinda odd though, cos I am so used to my "international style" of communication in SL that I forget I can say things to her like "sbjl, cmi lar. bth, where got like this one?" and it will make total sense to her. Tio bo, Redice? :p

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