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30 August 2010

Warning - No Pictures, All Words Only

I am so, so tired. :(

But happy! :D

But humourless! :(

But still fun! :D

That's how my brain works these days. It has been an eventful month in both RL and SL. I feel kinda like a schizo and it probably explains some of the many things I have been doing in SL. No, I didn't venture into SLex (haha, some of ya can keep dreaming!) but still. Oh, and just to clarify - I am not adverse to SLex. I am only sticking to my preference and no, I am not telling what it is. Yet.

Ok, my blog is outdated by weeks and I shall be updating whatever I can think of in this post before I go for a little blogging break. :) So here goes. *takes a deep breath*

Tashi Core has joined BL as a Bloodangel belonging to Vivienne under Eturnal Twilight. The reason for deciding this is to stay updated with the clan news, cos Vivienne's AV seems to get neglected from time to time. :p Having permission to access the beautiful clan sim is also a perk.

Vivienne Eiren is now a vampire. And as I am not willing to spend the rest of her life drinking blood or running after other AVs for bites, I spent a bomb getting permanent immunity for her. I have also been dressing her up very well and she is totally gorgeous.

Xylia Graycloud is destroyed. :( I might have done something about it, but I decided to give up when I found that I couldn't hold a decent conversation with Dro without him going "kiss kiss". In his defense though, he is not trying to get SLex (though I am sure he doesn't mind if I change my mind). It is just the way he is. :) If he is interested in reviving Xylia, I think we may still be able to work something out.

Zess Indiawood is my experiment with a lycan hud. She isn't a lycan, just a "human" with a lycan hud. I made her AV small and cute. And I should really show a pic, but I didn't take any. I haven't had time to put her up to any more mischief yet.

Benn Kwan is my male AV! I had the most fun fixing him up, partly because Karen was helping me and partly because I couldn't stop laughing at the disaster that I turned him into at the beginning. I should have taken a pic of that too, if only I could stop laughing long enough to use my brain. At first attempt he looked so... feminine. I tweaked at him for hours. And finally after a few pointers from Karen and getting him some handsome clothes, he is looking like a manly Indian guy. I am still trying to figure out how to distinguish between a tan guy AV from an Indian guy AV, but looking Indian is pretty cool in the meantime. And Karen has promised Benn some fun with her own male AV. :D

So that's my very interesting SL for now. It is really more fun than it sounds, but my brain is droning away and I can't get my tone right.

I should be back to blogging next week with more news. :D

Posted by Tashi Core


RedIce Cioc said...

What is a lycan and blood doll? What do you need to do to get permanent immunity for a vampire? How come Vivienne changes from a blood doll to a vampire? Cos I find the BL thing interesting.

Tashi Core said...

A lycan is kind of a werewolf, and a blood doll is a human in the game who supposedly feeds the vampire and/or lycan. There is another role in the game the hybrid, which is a combi of vampire and lycan.

A blood doll can turn into a vampire or lycan (depending on the hud they choose when they become a blood doll) by getting their "humanity" drained out and then filling themselves up with vital blood. It is as silly and fun as any roleplay can get.

But it also costs $. A hud costs 599L, and if you decide to be a vampire or a lycan you will lose vital blood or lumen every midnight, which will cost more L to replenish.

Permanent immunity comes in the form of an amulet which the AV wears once to activate. That costs 7999L. *wipes perspiration off my forehead* Temporary amulets can also be purchased.

The official website is at http://www.slbloodlines.com, which will give you a good insight of what it is about though the details can be quite intricated when my brain isn't working well. If you have any more questions, can im me more la. muahahahaha~~~

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