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26 July 2010

One Hell of a SL week

I was out from work (again) nursing a fever, cough and flu. So I was fully into SL during my non-zombie hours for the past 4 days. I am not sure if I regret some of it, though lovely things did happen. But man, I've had to stomach more drama during the 4 days than I ever had in months of both my RL and SL. To think I came to SL to get some peace...

First there was the hilarious war that my neighbour Dro somehow dragged me into at his house, which I will blog about tomorrow.

And then there were my alts Vivienne Eiren and Xylia Graycloud, who both joined BL. Vivienne is now a blood doll and Xylia is a confused vampire who thinks she might be a lycan. Yeah Dro, LOL.

There was also my first ever argument in SL, which is kind of personal to post in this blog for the sake of the new friend. Which is fine, because I also get to skip over the part that is my fault. :p I honestly can't remember the last time I had an argument of this sort though, even in RL. (Ok ok, I believe you. *rolls eyes when you are not looking* *grins*)

The best part of all, which I saved for last but is not the least, and apart from getting to spend some time with Karen and Coral (Carlotta, I miss you! Come back soon~), is to catch up with lovely Sashia again. A potential new shopping buddy is foreseen in my SL future. *giggles*

What I can't fully make sense of is that I actually asked Karen for a RL pic... of her sister's dog. Rather than of her. I think I may need therapy.

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