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29 July 2010

Xylia's Portrait, and more RL Distraction

She was really designed with a lycan in mind, and the name "Xylia" means "of the forest". :/ Oh well, vampires can be of the forest too, right? :D

Xylia looks a little like Tashi but her facial features are slightly rounder and she is much smaller in size. The idea was to make her look cute but dress up a little wild. And I had better success in planning her appearance than Vivienne's, though Vivienne turned out really pretty.

Ok, I'll stop rambling.


Meanwhile, this was happening in RL.

Me: Dear all, I sent this on Monday to (dept's common email) but it seemed nobody received it, including myself. I am testing it again with a cc to everyone's individual email. Kindly note that (message to be noted).

R: hahahahahaah...nobody received it, including myself......hahahahaah

Me: eh, i really got send ok. but no proof... except for my super duper memory. :(

R: ...............

Me: ...?

Y: Eh, but I got receive on Monday leh...

Me: Really? Yay, now I have real proof! :D

A: Noted.

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