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27 July 2010

War at the Neigbour's (I'm a Victim!)

I had never spoken to my (Tashi's) neighbour Dro before this, although I had noticed his name as a constant presence near my home.

He IM-ed me suddenly asking if I could help with an AV that he couldn't seem to eject from his home no matter what he tried. Although I was not the registered tenant in my home and did not have such permissions, he got me over to see if I could do anything anyway. When he found that I couldn't do anything indeed, Dro brought over a bunch of other friends to help.

Since ejecting didn't work, it evolved into plenty of bombing and blasting and shooting.

Ok Bossymsv, your smoke bomb was damn impressive. Too bad I got ejected before I could take a pic. But you can be sure that I had a perfect visual impact of it. YOU RAWK.

Then there was Cuddles, with her machine gun that shoots pink pigs faster than any pig farm can breed itself.

After the pigs, Cuddlesthings got out of hand. SheEveryone started shooting all sorts of guns. I couldn't see clearly ok, look at all that mess. The stuck AV was almost forgotten.

Gawd, I wish I had a weapon too.

That's Cuddles trying to look innocent, and me (Xylia) at the back trying not to get hit.

I believe I died from getting crushed by the red balls. Dro had to save me by turning me into a vampire. It was a good thing that he was already undead. (Help, I live next door to a monster!)

When all the bombs and guns and pink pigs and red balls didn't work, Dro decided to can the AV with his game machine.

Finally the landlord was activated to clear up the problem (the stuck AV, not the stray bullets). By then everyone had fled, except for me and Dro. Did I mention that I was a casualty and Dro was trying to save me? Yeah, so, well, anyway, William the landlord arrived before I rose from the dead. And I got ejected again because William thought it was me. I couldn't blame him though, the AV in question was canned up and not very visible. But my corpse was babbling away and kinda prancing around the house. Oh well. Waa... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I cannot stop laughing whenever I think about it.

I got pulled into a war and died and blasted away twice out of the blue! Thanks Dro, really. Joke of the year.

RIP, me.

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