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20 July 2010

SL is letting out the kid in me.

Don't get me? Let's take a look.

This is my AV when I was less than 2 weeks old in SL.

It is pretty much a version of what I wish I look like in RL.

I loved SL for the potential it could bring out from me. And I aspired to be a glamour queen and to take on some sort of glorious roleplay.


And this is my most recent pic, taken about two months later.

No, I didn't flip it by accident.

I was really upside-down.

It is pretty much what you get from me nowadays. I have difficulty staying normal. But where can I wear that hair and hang like that and still look cool? I mean, I do hope that I look cool.

And where can I crash a racing car into my neighbor's house without killing myself? *looks pointedly at Carlotta* *blinks* :p

I think I might wind up as a SL clown instead...

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