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12 July 2010

Guess what this is?!

It's my new room! Woohoo!!

Ok, technically it belongs to Karen since she's shelling out for all the rent and refusing to let me pay a single Linden. She moved into a big house and it had a lot of space so she gave me one of her rooms to play in. This will be my room until she throws me out. :p

What do you think? :D

Lovely, right? Say yes, or I'll make you answer to Karen.

Anyway I love love loveee it! It is connected to both balconies of the house, which means I can fly right in and jump right out.

Ok, out of point.

But still, totally awesome!!!

I couldn't get enough of it. :D :D :D

Here's what you get when you peek through my window glass. AV not included.

Actually I love the rest of our house too, but I better not let myself think too much about it or I'll eventually turn it into a freak show of some sort. I'd gotten Carlotta over to drop a jellyfish and a shark, but I swear we didn't do it on purpose. It's a bit complicated to explain though. :p

I also spent my weekend running around looking for teddies and bunnies for my room but I ended up having to stop myself from trying to buy a giant crab. Well, Karen's reaction helped a lot in changing my mind. :p She bought an aquarium though. And she liked the shark. We may have a few sharks swimming around our house in future.

And this is our neighbourhood.

I sincerely hope that my neighbours like me, and the giant scheme that I am hoping Karen will let me do up for our roof.

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