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25 June 2010

It is more fun to give than to win!

I spent the last weekend at Kouse's Sanctum's Treasury. It mainly gives out jewelry but if we are lucky we may get coins or giftcards or hearts that we could use to redeem a free gown. I really wanted to win a gown even though I knew from experience with the lucky chairs that Lady Luck wouldn't shine on me so easily. But I had attitude, and I persevered. The result - I have enough jewelry to give out to my friends' list for the next 3 Christmases.

On Sunday afternoon, Karen bounced in and joined me at the Treasury. Within a few dips, she got the giftcard for a gown! Still, she stayed for more dips, possibly because the jewelry is also pretty cool. And we started chatting because there was really nothing much to do apart from taking turns to dip.

Well, I got comfortable and started whining to her about having no luck. I thought that my being-a-jinx-at-lucky-draw-stuff was funny and I just wanted to entertain her a little.

I didn't expect her to insist on giving me her giftcard. It was so sweet of her! And I couldn't say no after she told me that it was more fun to give than to win! Gawd. *blush*

*makes mental note not to whine anymore* It was a lovely but embarassing moment. Thanks Karen! Luv ya!

Karen went on to pick out the loveliest Ryel Gown in white for me. I couldn't find the pic for the white gown. Oh look, the shiny satin. The glorious shiny satin! *drools*

And the story is not finished.

After Karen went off to crash (it was late Saturday night where she was), I went back to continue the Treasury dipping. I had all the SL time I want as long as RL allows, right? ;p

I wanted very much for Karen to have her gown too, so this time I was wishing to win a giftcard for her. I think Lady Luck knew that I had learnt my lesson, so I got the giftcard within half an hour. :D


I went on dipping, because I wanted moredipping can get addictive. Later that day I won another giftcard which I gave away as well. :)

Karen was right, it was more fun to make someone happy than to win a virtual prize. Thanks Karen!

And thank you, Kouse Singh! You are not only giving away lovely free gifts in your Sanctum, you are giving me some lovely friends in SL too!

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