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08 June 2010

Vivienne Eiren

Let me introduce you to my alt Vivienne Eiren. I created her specially to explore the BL game, because I was torn between wanting to play BL and to not play BL all at the same time.

As Vivienne was intended to dabble with the "darker" side of SL, I decided she would be a scary or seductive sort of AV. That was how she ended up blonde and blue, because I always end up doing the opposite of what I intended and exactly everything I do not intend to do.

At least she looks pretty to me.

Vivienne is not bitten yet and is having some fun while considering her options. She already has her own stories to tell so she may stand to take over the blog posts every now and then.

And if you are a BL player, you are allowed to try persuading her to your favour. :p

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