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04 June 2010

I want more stuff, and more stuff!

Cyrenia Snow (L$400) from Kouse's Sanctum is the next dress I am coveting. Yep, I am a sucker (and a totally outdated one) for non-wedding whites. *sniffs*

I also have a fetish for symmetrical long black hair. Thanks to Yovsweetbabe, I've already gotten my hands on a couple of hair that are still my favourites.

Now I am eyeing thick updos. I found Sky Everett's Designs for Kiera (L$495) and Sovereign (L$600) very appealing. (I couldn't find Kiera in Sky Everett's photostream so I used Mui Mukerji's pic instead.) I am especially considering Kiera as it is cheapermore versatile for use.

I think I am going to bust my budget again. *sniffs sniffs*


For a RL distraction, this is an email conversation between my colleague R (who is also a best bud) and me during an out-of-point-due-to-stress episode.

Me: Walao 2nd time she come to you (for the wrong thing) liao. she likes you a lot sia...

R: ya lor...i damn "popular" mah... Last night i dreamt that someone called me instead of security for a bomb hoax....siao liao

Me: ...

R: ya lor...the call went like this "hello? (my dept) issit? Got bomb hoax lei. How ah??" wa lau...*sweats*

Me: *go for lunch*

Yes, Singaporeans are a colourful bunch and it is not your fault when you don't understand them.

You may want to refer to the Singlish Dictionary for better understanding.

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