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01 June 2010

My mum always says it is better for me to be a boy.

Today I planned to rave about my SL monthsery and pop champagne and put up balloons whatever.

But it isn't anything as cool as what happened last night.

I have already mentioned that I am jinxed for the lucky chairs. In my last round, I waited till I was almost convinced that T got rigged out of the chair for some reason or other. It took 4 days for the precious alphabet to appear to me.

So last night when I decided that awesome MiaSnow skin was worth it, I was prepared to wait like that again. But last night there were 6 Ts!


In the other chair.

The guy chair. I sat on the guy chair 6 times last night. I've got 6 identical guy skins that aren't transferrable.

So it turns out I was wrong. I am absolutely blessed... for chairs that I don't want.

And my mum is right.

But life still treats me good. My little episode probably made an excellent ice-breaker for my new friends, so I managed to exhort some unmerited amount of friendliness to my enjoyment. :D

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