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10 June 2010

Eturnal Twilight

I was in the dressing room the other day when I met Salytha. She was a newbie and had "Eturnal Bloodangel" tagged to her head, which prompted me to bombard her with a lot of BL questions. I also pestered her to bring me to her clan Eturnal Twilight, and she took me up like a good sport. :D

Like a good host she showed me around the castle, but I bet that half the time she was just making things up as we went along. :p And like a dumb sleepyhead I forgot to take pictures till much later. But the prettiest parts of Eturnal Twilight is not in the castle anyway, IMO.

When Salytha and I came to the gazebo, I didn't really care much about exploring anymore. It was lovely to just sit and chat.

Other members of Eturnal started arriving after a while, and Sashia the Eturnal Princess came over to join us. Sashia is a gorgeous AV, but my brain was in dumb mode so I didn't remember to take any close-up pics of her.

Sashia suggested that Salytha and I visit the Sphere as it was a part of the land that she really loved. She brought us over and showed us the flying poseballs in the air. So we started flying like nobody's business.

We might have attracted some attention. Donna and Radar came to join us and we got messy. I had no idea what went on anymore except that I kept laughing and laughing.

When we were finally settled after all the crazy flying, Sashia decided to cool us off with some music.

Sashia invited me to join Eturnal (not that Salytha didn't :p) but I stalled my answer because I still had questions which I could no longer ask then as I was half nodding off (in RL). But I honestly like Eturnal Twilight and both Salytha and Sashia so I don't mind getting bitten there once I know exactly what I am getting myself into.

Till next time then, and I look forward to seeing them again. :)

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