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29 June 2010

I became a Hunter!

I was supposed to blog this yesterday instead of the photoshoot, but it was bad mood Monday.

BAD. MOOD. Is not a good time to write.

It isn't that good today either - I was trapped in traffic for 2.5 hours on my way to work. So yeah, I was late for work by 2.5 hours. It was ridiculous. But it's over now. And it's lunch. :)

I was cooling off and sorting inventory last night when Karen suddenly dropped me a note to wish me a great evening just before she logged off to start her day.

... She must be psychic. Coated with sweetness. :D

Ok, I've digressed. I am supposed to be talking about hunting. After a hectic week and weekend, I was wandering in SL on Sunday afternoon when Carlotta sort of lured me into the I Love Fashion hunt. But we barely got through the first location and her kids decided that it was time to save mummy from the evil internet.

I didn't have any lovely little humans to save me :p, so I continued the hunt with my new friends Meggan and then Rin. I tell you, these 2 ladies are hunt geniuses. I arrived at every next location to find them telling me where the prize was. Yep, they were that fast, most of the time anyway. I think I slowed them down a lot, but they took me up very nicely. It was an easy hunt for me, since I just needed to stalk the willing people. And I ended up with a small explosion of inventory that had several cool items.

So this very nice hunt experience, and the fact that Rin was going on and on about the Geekgasm hunt and the Good Sh*t hunt which kind of rubbed off on me, made me throw in the towel and decided to join the hunting game.

I started on the Good Sh*t hunt last night. I am now somewhere at location 16 or 17. Hunting alone isn't as fun, but it is somewhat soothing as I go at my own snail pace.

I think I can finish it up by this week. :)

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