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31 May 2010

New Friends

It has been quite a weekend. I made a couple of new friends and found a potential shopping partner in Carlotta.

Carlotta isn't exactly a new friend though, considering my SL age. We met in the NCI dressing room about maybe a fortnight ago. It all started when she complimented my skirt and I gave her the LM, thereby unleashing her into yet another freebie paradise. We'd hit it off since, err well, at least I thought we did. :p So we eventually started running around the shops together. I love her sense of humour. :)

And OMG she has been to my country Singapore in RL! Albeit it was just a transit at the airport. But she knew about the cactus garden! :/ It is supposed to be a famous garden in my own country's airport so let's pretend that I know all about it too, ok? Right. :D

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