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17 May 2010

From Shopping to Tai-Chi

Lemme whine a little about RL first. It makes me an unprofessional SL blogger but it will explain why I am fast becoming a sucker for SL.

My company had just picked a project (my project, thank you) to enter an international competition on Team Excellence. In the next 2 weeks, the team has to prepare a 20-minute presentation of 37 bloody points that the scoring criteria requires of our project. Which is fine. Even though we are all already overworked.

We had our very first meeting this afternoon and spent over an hour on the very first presentation point - to explain our organisational standardisation of process improvement tools and training to support PDCA (plan, do, check, action) quality framework. Within a whopping 32.4324324 seconds.

... Now can somebody ban me from RL for the next 2 weeks? Or at least... explain that point to me in simple English. *sobs*


RL is bleak. *BAWLS~~~*


Ok, I have finished whining. Back to the post.

I was chasing after a freebie dress (gawd, that dress is gorgeous!) in PurpleMoon when I ran into Namaste. Because her name rang a bell to some of my wannabe RL knowledge, I clicked on her profile and hey, she is not Indian! I was intrigued, so I chatted her up.

I really don't know what happened, but we went from chasing dresses at PurpleMoon to doing Tai-Chi at Kanonji Zen Retreat all within the hour. And not before I got lost once.

Why do I get the feeling that my SL will eventually be as crazy as my RL?

But oh, Namaste was fun to hang out with! I hope to meet her again soon.

And to pass on a little of our Tai-Chi peace to you while I am still sane, here are some pictures of the session. (I am the one in shorts.)

You may notice that I didn't take any close-up shots. It was mainlypartly because I was badly dressed. I had really just woken up, intended to grab that dress quickly and then hole up in the dressing room for the rest of the day.

And partly because my computer was lagging, it was difficult to maneuver my zoom. And partly because I was engrossed in some sort of *coughs* meditative *coughs coughs* discussion of SL fashion at the same time. And...

Hey look, I've gotten in a good backdrop!

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