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07 May 2010


I took my first series of photos yesterday but the outcome wasn't good, so I am not going to post them. :P

Tried catching up with Adler and Yovsweetbabe. Yovsweetbabe didn't answer. :( But it is ok, I hope she is enjoying herself as much as I did.

I realised that Adler is not very fluent in English as I didn't really understand some of his phrases. And he constantly uses flattery like "you beautiful" or "babe" or whatever. Not that there is anything wrong, but that sort of attention just makes me uncomfortable. *cringe* I think I will stick with the ladies.

I managed to find my way back to the freebie store in Velvet Manor! Yay! Took whatever else I wanted. :D

But the best part of yesterday was that Coral gave me a few nice items and took me shopping! We went to Umedama Holic and got ourselves some beautiful freebie eyes. I have gorgeous colourful eyes now. :D It is early to say but I imagine that Coral and I may really get along with time. Her demeanour feels rather close to mine, although I think I am more bimbo.

Coral also told me about her favorite Redgrave store for skins and I went to take a look this morning, but no free skins. :( However, they had a pair of nice blue eyes and sunglasses for grabs. I have done some research and I am gonna check out more skin stores tonight.

When I am not focused on inventory sorting, I can surprisingly make better progress in it. So my inventory is a bit neater now. I still have so many items that it takes about an hour for me to pull together an outfit. :/

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