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26 May 2010

Much to say, nothing to show.

I really had many things to blog about.

I wanted to share what Coral and I did last week when we hung out. I wanted to show her new house, which is heaps nicer (and more expensive of course) than her previous apartment.

I wanted to talk about me and Coral watching and giving fashion opinions as our friend Sa decided how she would look for her upcoming wedding.

And I wanted to exclaim my excitement that Coral got married! Yes, she got married! I have been in SL for barely a month and I am going to attend a wedding! Yaayyy! I am not sure when the wedding thingy will be though. Next year? :p Kidding.

And I wanted to lament over my first attempt at waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for a lucky chair last night.

I think I am jinxed. :( In RL lotteries and lucky draws hate me. I have never ever won a single prize in that way. Not even a toothbrush.

In SL lucky chairs hate me too. I hung around for 2 hours, and T and C didn't come out for that 2 hours. Not that I needed a C, but I think I may just be jinxed to that extent. Everyone came and went during those 2 hours, except for the Ts and Cs people who started looking like permanent residents.

I am sorry, all my Ts and Cs friends who were there last night. I hope it got better after I gave up. *sobs*

So much for the stirring times with no pictures to show.

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