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12 May 2010

The Earlier Part of Last Night

Project Summer Dress is considered a success, except that it is now a short babydoll dress instead of the original long one. I would have preferred it long but I had done my best. It still looks pretty good so I think I might use it for a photoshoot this weekend.

I finally got to catch up with Yovsweetbabe last night. Ok, actually she just tried to TP me to her location without saying anything. I went anyway and found myself in the Xanatos shop, surrounded by a punky-looking crowd. Yovsweetbabe told me that they are her friends. Did I mention that she was rather wild? :p So it turns out that she is maybe kinda sorta a wild punk (but also a kind and nice punk, to be fair).

I was awkwardly out of place though. It could be due to my dishevelled sweetie-pie half-altered dress, or the granny white bun wig, or both. I use that bun wig because I was altering the dress and wanted my hair out of the way when I received the TP. Given what I was wearing, it beats being bald. I think Yovsweetbabe got quite disturbed by my hair, she gave me some of hers on the spot. Ha!

Xanatos is non-punk, bright and glassy. It was holding some sort of freebie promotion in which we had to gather enough friends to touch a box before midnight and then we will get the freebie. Apparently that was why I got brought over. :D

After finishing up the episode and my dress, I went on a shoe hunt because I didn't have good matching shoes for the dress.

To be continued...

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