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06 May 2010


Last night I managed to squeeze a little time for SL but the connection was bad and I kept getting kicked out. I spent my limited time searching for Lion City and Sentosa but couldn't find any landmark! So who blogged about Singapore going onto SL? Did it not actualise, or am I just a sotong??? Huumpffh.

I am still getting more items than I can sort. I think... I will give up sorting. I will just lump everything in one folder and match a set of outfit to wear every login, and tidy only those folders full stop. I am missing out so much of SL because of the sorting. And my sorting is so slow because I tend to get distracted trying on clothes instead.

I bumped into Seductry at the dressing room again today. Although she is a newbie like me she is already way more progressed than I am, because she is a payer. Our conversation was funny because she was wondering how to keep her new vagina on her body. Apparently that vagina can do animations. She also explained how she thought it was a good investment (she paid L$600 for it). Hmmm... not that I am interested. Haha.

Coral was also in the dressing room this morning, so the scene looked like gossiping models in a backstage. After Seductry wandered off, Coral and I had a brief discussion about paying RL money to get better things in SL. Given her choice of name and taste in clothes, I suspect that Coral might be a woman after my own heart. :)

That reminds me that I should be going out to meet people and not coop myself in the dressing room for the rest of my SL.

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