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09 May 2010

Coral's Apartment

I didn't get to meet new vampires after all. Coral was too busy setting up her new apartment to go to the party, so I ended up as a kaypo (busybody) at her apartment instead. All the same it was exciting! I've never been to anyone's home!

Her apartment is a skybox with no door and we have to get in by TP. That's a cool thing about SL - you can go almost anywhere by TP, even to places with no doors. I mean, how boring and inefficient can flying and running get? :p

That's me gawking at her new home for the first time.

Me watching while Coral shifted her stuff around.

Looking on in awe.

She has a nice window view.

But then I got distracted and started taking pictures of Coral herself.

My favourite pic.

She is thinking very hard...

about her furniture.

Hmmm... I think I am getting better at this. Maybe I should aspire to become a SL photographer. :D

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