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24 May 2010

I am not drunk. Truly.

Ok, now for the news.

Sometime over the weekend, I lost my mind, whisked out my card and bought some L$. To date I have spent almost L$3500. *faints*

There was only one item that I regretted buying - a L$700 dress for which quality didn't match up to price. The design is nice, it is the texture/workmanship that needs improvement. Oh well, I believe the designer did his/her best, but given the quality it shouldn't have been priced so high! :(

I will have to be careful checking the items out before making my purchases in future. It may only be a few measly RL dollars but it is hard-earned money paying for intangible items.

And speaking of quality, Designing Nicky Ree does an awesome job designing breathtaking dresses and gowns!

Ok, most of the gowns are quite expensive to me as I am really not sure about paying L$1000 or more for a virtual dress. But I am sure that a Nicky Ree dress will be worth every penny for someone with a willing budget.

I went through the rather cluttered mainstore, gaping at the magnificent dresses and their prices while losing my way around. Every now and then I would find a gorgeous dress/gown within my budget, so I had almost decided to buy something before I left. When I set my eyes on the lovely white Honey Gown for L$500, my mind was made. And after trying out my new purchase... I went back and bought the Honey Dress (knee-length version) for L$350 as well. :D I will always return to Nicky Ree as long as my budget allows.

Not that the other shops are not good. I think My Precious and Sascha's Designs are both doing fantastic jobs as well.

And My Precious' shop has a lovely flower-garden-like setting. I went to the fashion show on Saturday though everything turned up grey and my computer eventually crashed. Didn't log back in after that because it was after midnight in RL and time to sleep. Still, I supported by turning up at least once ok! Err well, not that they know me or anything. :p

By the way, sorry for my lack of pictures. Keeping up with SL can be exhausting enough without the additional job of taking photos. And I am thinking of alternating days between posts instead of posting daily now. Sorry, I am so interesting. :/ And tired. Thanks for tolerating my rant.

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