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03 May 2010

Born in SL

As of 1 May 2010, I was (re)born in SL and I am a mess. I look pretty though. :D

My name is Tashi Core. I have actually registered a few eons ago as a Tashi Wind but I can't for the ability of me relocate that account. At that time SL was new and I didn't find it fun. Ok, maybe it was already fun and I was the unsavvy one. So I gave up then. I like Core better anyway.

Recently I was googling for pictures of my favouritest singer (the late Anita Mui) in a white dress and I found Mui Mukerji's blog. Her SL avatar was linked to the search engine because it looked like Anita. The beautiful avatar sparked my interest and I decided to try SL again.

Well, I still find it quite difficult to navigate for a newbie. Yesterday I was at a place I don't know when I fell into this hole and couldn't get out. I was too embarassed to scream for help but ok, I eventually saved myself by tp-ing to another unknown location.


I didn't give up because I like the graphics. This brings me to my next adventure.

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