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03 May 2010

First Help

I went to another place I didn't know but accidentally set as my home. I met Adler there.

He didn't have much time but he took me to this freebie shop at Velvet Manor. And I didn't even know where the door was and kept trying to walk into the glass. Adler just waited politely and said nothing. I hope he didn't get irritated. Actually I hope he laughed - that's what we are in SL for, right? :D

Anyway, he had to leave before I could figure out what to do. I managed to decipher that most of the stuff in that shop is free and learned how to take a couple of pair of boots that I didn't know how to fit my feet into. (Seems like my feet were too big for the shoes.)

The clothes in the shop were, erm, very sexy. They were mostly bikinis and the like. I didn't realise that I could take almost everything. I kind of regret that I didn't do so now but I suppose I can always go back again. It's just that there is so much more to do after meeting my next friend, so I doubt I will have the time to return soon.

On my way out I also received some free stuff randomly from sources I can't remember. There was a very pretty hair in various colors, and a pair of earrings. Things were looking up. :)

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