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21 May 2010

Photoshoot 4a

I was torn between 2 locations for this shoot. And then I realised what the heck TP time is only 2 seconds! I can do both places!


I went to Dutch Touch first.

Ok, I admit I chose the place for an excuse to come worship the Sjors skins again.

The L$3500 fat pack that has my favourite skin in it. *sniffs*

I found out later on that there is a L$1000 pack for my favourite Sjors - Cotton - Snow. I didn't recognise it because the face marketed for Sjors - Snow isn't in Cotton tone. Very sharp, me. But, yay!

Can you see how lovesick I am?

All that piningwork can be exhausting. So I am putting my feet up a bit before continuing my shoot in the next place.

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