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11 May 2010

The Perfect Summer Dress

It is white and simple with a delicate flowery print. The top and leggings fit snugly and the skirt has a nice soft flare.

But the skirt waist is the wrong size!! *wails~~~*

I've tried to alter it. I've moved it. I've rotated it. I've stretched it and I've shrunk it. I couldn't get it right. And then I had to return to RL. *sobs*

Ok, I will try again tonight. I am determined to make this piece work somehow. *cross fingers*

* note to self - Wherever possible, to remember to make a copy of the item before modifying it.

Posted by Tashi Core


RedIce Cioc said...

Another option: alter your shape to suit the dress. But that's probably the last option.

P.S. Reading some of your old posts :)

Tashi Core said...

I did manage to alter the skirt to the right size. I was only 10 days old lei, not very skilful with the stretching and adjusting. And running out of time that morning.

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