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10 May 2010

The thing about the dressing room.

I realised that it is probably one of the best places to hang out at after all. Every now and then I will meet and talk to someone nice, and we will offer items and LMs to each other. It doesn't happen all the time but often enough.

Kimmy and I had a pleasant little chat when we met last night. She gave me 2 pairs of non-freebie Bliensen+MaiTai earrings. Because she also told me that the shop had a nice freebie dress, I decided to drop by. I found a freebie jewellery set instead.

It is very interesting to explore different places in SL. The Bliensen+MaiTai shop looks like a dilapidated hut, so unlike the other shops that I have seen so far. However I have not explored the rest of the area yet.

On a side note, I am finding it demanding to spend so much time in SL. I am not addicted, I just had to figure it out at the beginning. After the past week I kind of understand how SL goes now, although there is still much to explore. I will start to take it easy from now on.

I will still try to login at least once daily whenever it is possible, so that I can get enough material to continue this blog. My aim is to write a post everyday. But it should not compromise or strain the quality of my RL. In fact I shall try to use SL inspirations to enhance my RL qualities.

No, I don't think I can ever fly or TP in RL :P, but I can keep the fun. :D

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