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05 May 2010

I've gone crazy.

I went on an insane freebie spree last night. Now I have 5000+ items to sort in my inventory. *faints*

Thanks to Natalia Zelmanov's Mermaid Diaries, I visited New Citizens Incorporated this morning and found their dressing room. (I was previously playing dress-up in this secluded island I shall not name :p, and that place didn't allow me to pull out boxes.) I met another newbie Seductry in the dressing room and we discussed a little about the how-tos in SL but soon got distracted by our new clothes.

I pulled out another princessy white gown, a pair of gorgeous white boots, several pairs of jeans, many misc pieces and put together some lovely outfits. Now I've got so many items to sort I think I may have to delete those that I don't like so much, just to save time.

I don't think I will be back to SL tonight (or tomorrow night) because of social engagements in RL. :(

* note to self - I must catch up with Yovsweetbabe soon, just to say hi. I am actually hesitating because she is so helpful. :p I have yet to catch up with all the info she has given me and I am afraid she will give me more.

* note to self - Inventory sorting is neverending. I must visit Lion City and Sentosa before I engage in anymore sorting.

* note to self - I must learn to take photos soon.

p.s. Natalia's blog is really informative.

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