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13 May 2010

Maybe I deserve an award for pulling this off.

Ok, so I was shoe-hunting. Although I managed to get something already, I decided to go to Free Dove at the end just in case there were more options. Yep, I am a greedymeticulous like that.

Let's name him SSM1. (I suspect there will be more to come, and I shall name them all SSMs.)

SSM1 started talking to me the moment I landed at Free Dove.

You know guys, it is pure evil to interrupt a woman when she's shopping. It's the worst idea. It doesn't matter that you may be the most dazzling Prince Charming in the world, and it certainly doesn't matter if you arrive with a white horse.

Wait a second, I love horses. Can I buy that horse?

The point is, shopping to a woman is like sex to a man. If you don't like someone to butt in when you are having sex, you don't butt in on a shopping woman. It's the most inconsiderate thing to do. Get it?

But the polite damsel in me compelled me to answer him politely even though my mind was all about shoes, shoes and more shoes.

Then he asked me if I had SLex already.

I said no, I am not interested.

He said it's fine. But he knew of a nice beach to hang out in anyway. If I didn't mind joining him after I get my shoes?


And the TP he sent me read "Seduction Game Sexy Beach for lovers".

I thought this was going nowhere good. But I was a busybodycurious, because I had never been to a beach in SL before. I mean, if things get really bad I can always TP away right?

So I accepted the TP.

It would have been a nice beach indeed, if not marred by artless posters of nekkid bodies all around.

It all started out fine. He wanted me to change into a bikini because we were going to relax in a steaming jacuzzi. That sounded fair.

And it looked innocent enough.

Except that my leg kept doing this.

It got quite irritating.
(Bad photo, I know. But hey look, I've gotten in a good backdrop!)

And our conversation went something like this:

SSM1: Don't you want to try SLex?

Me: No, I am really not interested. I didn't come to SL to look for SLex.

SSM1: Then what did you come here for?

Me: *rolling my RL eyes* Nothing. I just want to take a look.

And before I could type "I play internet games a lot" fast enough...

SSM1: So do you want to make money?

Me: *thinking this is going nowhere good again* I don't think it is so easy to make money in SL... I've heard.

SSM1: I am talking about L$.

Me: *and I'm not?* I don't see the need to earn L$. It is just a game to me.

SSM1: You can always convert the L$ to US$.

Me: I don't think it is easy to earn such money...

He suddenly jumped off the jacuzzi. And he wanted a massage.

The poseball at the massage bed read "massage", so I thought fine. I really didn't like the way I jumped on him but I swallowed that.

I was almost grateful when he said "And I have a good look at your nice tight a**", because it was a good cue for me to get offended and jump off.

I tried to sit in the rattan chair but it gave me a bloody obscene pose so I stood up again.

To appease me, he taught me how to take a cocktail and drink from it. And then our conversation went like this:

SSM1: Come on I have a good place we can go and cuddle. If you want I'll TP you.

Me: Nah, I am really not looking for such stuff here.

SSM1: That's fine. Do you want to pole dance for me?

Some people cannot read. Maybe they just cannot count. How many times did I say that I am not interested in SLex and I did not come to SL for SLex stuff?

Me: Sighs... I don't think so.

SSM1: Ok. It's fine, we will talk again.

He excused himself and I walked away in relief before he could TP off.

On my own, I explored the place a bit.

Those tasteless posters didn't bother so much when I was alone, so it was truly nicer than I gave it credit for.

I even spent some time camwhoringresting before I took off to seek my next exploit.

* SSM = SLex-Seeking Man.

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