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08 May 2010

My first photo is up!

This is my favourite skin from SL so far:

It is made by Dutch Touch (Sjors - Cotton - Snow).
I simply love it, from the skin to the eyeshadow to the lip colours!
But the Sjors Cotton pack costs L$3500.
(The face is by Mui Mukerji (Supermodel III), and it costs L$1000. I like it very much too.)

And because I am miserable and stingynot investing so much for now, I have settled for this:

The eyeshadow isn't pink :( and the skin and lip color isn't as snowy pink as I like, but I'll make do.

I am also getting the hang of SL photography. :D

Last night I had a nice chat with Coral and I found out that she is a vampire. She invited me (ok, really I invited myself and she said yes) to her vampire party today, if we meet each other online. So I will probably be hanging out with vampires today.

I also told her about this blog, and we joked about becoming famous.

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