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20 May 2010


Ok, I know I've done a horrible job with the photo-taking. You can click here for the posters. I realise that I should have just used the link instead of going in-world and clicking a million times to get a lousy photo. :/

Anyway, Frideswide.

It is both intricate and simple. And very versatile. I can obviously match it to a gown. I can also use it easily with the delicate dresses that I love most. And the set costs L$400 altogether, which is rather affordable.

I truly didn't fall for Frideswide because the model looked like Anita Mui. :p

People who know me know how much I love jewellery in RL. They know that behind all my overspent dollars and cents there is a good, strong and reliable diamond. (?!)

So when I came to SL, I naturally fell in love with Alienbear's jewellery. I mostly tried to avoid her shop because the pining hurts. Ouch~ And I consoled myself by imagining that they will not suit the kind of clothes I am likely to prance around SL with.

Then came the fateful day when I couldn't resist peeking into her shop again. And I saw Frideswide.

It is perfect. PERFECT.

I got obssessed and I traced Frideswide all the way to Alienbear's Jewelry Design blog entry on 6 Dec 2008. Yep, I have just proven that my SL fashion sense is outdated by 1.5 years. How's that for converting my blog into a fashion blog?

But you can be sure that the first thing I buy when I get my first L$ is Frideswide jewellery. You can bet the whole SL world for a million L$.

When you win the million L$, can you sponsor me the L$400? :D

Wow, I didn't post my photoshoot today!

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