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14 May 2010

Lunar Aura

A couple of nights ago, I went to disturb Coral again and she obligingly entertained me by taking me on a tour to her vampire clan's club, Lunar Aura.

Before we entered the castle, we pole-danced a bit. No, it was not a ritual. We just got distracted.

It was a nice coincidence that I had to reject a pole-dance invitation the night before (see previous post) and I was kinda itching to try it out under un-sleazy conditions.

Pole-dancing on its own is a cool art, and Coral was great company.

An aeroview of the dancing area. Yep, there's a guy dancing in the pic. I don't know who he is except that he is Coral's friend.

Err yeah, I didn't have time to change my clothes from the day before. :/

I caught Coral in great action. But we see her wearing a dull grey top instead of a sophisticated black one because my stupid computer couldn't load her top properly.

I tried to copy her dance. I don't think I got it right, but I was still awesome... no? :p

I might have twisted my ankle though.

Then we went inside the castle. And guess what? I forgot to take pictures! (~!@#$%^&*!!!) I can be dull like that. :(

Anyway, she started explaining to me about blood dolls and hybrids and lycans. It was intriguing. Muahahaha...

Then I got lost again.

We were standing at the rooftop and I suggested flying. So we started to fly and then I couldn't find her!

I floated around, landed in this balcony and waited for her response.

See the fish-tank-looking thing on the right.

Coral and I explored that after we reunited. It was a very beautiful room although it looked more mermaidy than vampiry. I think the lady painted in the wall is a fairy though. We sat down and chatted a bit.

Then Coral needed RL lunch, and I needed RL sleep. So we said goodnight and ended my day's adventure.

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