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04 May 2010

So many things to do, so little time.

Nothing much has happened since. I've just gone to some freebies shops and added on to my wardrobe mess.

Adler tried to catch me last night but I was so busy I told him I would get back to him in a few days. So much about gratitude for his help. :p I will truly catch up with him soon. I also saw Yovsweetbabe online but she had already predicted the night before that I would be too busy to speak to her for a while after she had thrown me all those LMs. Oops.

I am still exploring and trying to settle into what I have learned so far in SL (yeah, actually it just means shopping for more freebies). I don't think I can handle more stuff yet, there are still so many places to check out and shopping to unpack.

I returned to Velvet Manor but I got lost and couldn't find the shop Adler took me to. It seems like my RL sense of direction was also tp-ed into SL. :(

On the bright side, I've sorted out some really cool stuff. All my wigs are tidied and I've marked out some favourites. I also managed to pull out 2 beautiful gowns (1 sexy wine-red and 1 very sweet misty-pink), some nice jewellery, an assortment of pretty casual clothes, a pair of funky red leather boots and a... coffee mug.

I also found that in order to wear shoes I need to edit my feet size to 0 (?!). At least I know how to wear shoes now.

I am giving myself a few more days to shop for freebies and tidy up my wardrobe as much as possible. Following that I will be exploring the camera function and whatever other aspects of SL I can get my hands on. I still have not gone to Lion City and Sentosa.

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