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03 May 2010

First Saviour

I went back to the place that I accidentally called my home again and bumped into Yovsweetbabe, who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.

After discovering that I was new, she sort of big-sistered me (she sounded RL-young though). She gave me loads of info and instructions and landmarks and even items from her own inventory. She said that she had received a lot of help when she was a newbie and was just passing it on. She was so kind! She told me about playboys and vampires although I only half-grasped what she said. She also warned me about getting addicted to SL - that's very nice RL advice actually. :)

It was easier for me around her because she didn't bring me anywhere, so I didn't drown or run into a wall. Yay. We simply stood and talked for 2 hours, while this hot guy stood around us blocking my view. He was apparently interested in Yovsweetbabe. Hmmm...

Anyway she is my SL saviour for now, and I have a very messy but fantastic wardrobe to sort out thanks to her. She really made my day! I am so looking forward to returning to SL tonight!

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