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19 May 2010

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. :p

I haven't been up to anything in SL for the past 2 days.

RL work had left me so tired that after I login to SL, chased a few dresses, tried on a few dresses, sorted a few dresses, threw away a few dresses, I had to call it a day.

I didn't have the energy for more action even though I really wanted to catch up with my in-world friends.

And if nothing happens tonight still (which is likely), you are going to have to suffer an overdose of my photoshoots for the next 2 days. I would really prefer to space out the photoshoots in my blog though.

Which is why I am ranting here between the last post and the next post. :p

And speaking of photoshoots, I am gearing myself mentally for the next one. I have chosen the costume and location already. It will be one that is quite uncharacteristic for me, so it may be a difficult shoot. But till then.

And now... back to RL. Sorry, I am such an interesting person.

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